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The work on this site is a collection of side-projects that I've pursued over the years. While the subject matter appears eclectic at first glance (gaming through to invasive species control), the unifying theme is the same: technology and the way it can improve our lives. 


Some of the projects are more research-oriented and exist purely as thought-pieces, while others have resulted in spin-out companies and stand-alone entities. Behind each project is a bevy of talented collaborators and colleagues from some of the world’s best universities, companies and technology-hubs. It has been my great privilege to work closely with each of them and in many cases, they deserve the bulk of the credit.


I hope that by documenting these projects in some level of detail, others will become interested in the subject matter, encouraged to collaborate and inclined to pick up the baton. 


Viva side-projects. May you find the topics and collaborators that you deserve. 





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