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Network News 


Over the past decade, companies have become interested in maintaining active ties to their alumni (so called 'corproate alumni') - often with the hope of rehiring former high-performers or converting alumni into clients (particularly true for professional service firms in law, consulting and banking). At the same time, corporate alumni are often keen to stay in touch with former colleagues and be updated about their achievements (much like university alumni). 


Network News was focused on meeting the needs of both constituents. It was envisioned to be a media service that would track and summarize the career news of corproate alumni on behalf of companies (e.g., ‘Jane Smith, formerly part of the New York Office of McKinsey from 1992-98, has been appointed CEO of Acme Co’). These news updates would be distributed regularly to corporate alumni as an e-newsletter (e.g., 'McKinsey Network Briefing') or fed directly into a dedicated part of the corporate intranet. The service would be paid-for directly by the company or offered at low cost/ no-cost with the insertion of acceptable third party sponsorship and advertising. 


While this work remained in prototype form, a similar product was created in-house by collaborators involved in the project. 



Various executives in Corporate Alumni Relations departments from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, McKinsey and BCG. 





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