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PAYWYL ('pay-will'


Content paywalls don't work and a more successful approach could involve tapping into consumer willingness to pay rather than necessity to pay. From Paywalls to PayWhateverYouLike (PAYWYL /'pay-will'/).


PAYWYL is a micro-payments app that makes it easier for digital content creators (e.g., Journalists) to receive payment directly from consumers. Digital creators insert PAYWYL in their web or mobile app with just a few lines of code. Consumers see the PAYWYL button in the social toolbar and are free to click through to the related payments page if they want to support the digital creator or purchase other products and custom experiences created by the same person. 



Will Knight (Journalist/ Editor, MIT Technology Review)

Kyu Kim (Software Engineer, Shape Security)





Relevant material

PAYWYL presentation/ intro   




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