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Remote Transaction System (RTS)


The RTS is a low cost, highly resilient mobile technology platform for Microfinance Institutions to operate more effectively in rural areas. It is comprised of a wireless ‘Point-of-Sale’-style device used to capture and process financial transactions in the field by bank workers (such as deposits or loans to rural customers). The platform is intended to replace traditional methods of data collection and record keeping (e.g., pencil/ paper) which are often error-prone and hinder the ability of Microfinance Institutions to serve more of the underbanked population.  


The idea for the RTS was developed in Uganda over a three month period by a consortium of public and private organizations, convened by Hewlett Packard. The primary question asked was "how can technology improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Microfinance Institutions". Extensive interviews were conducted with a range of Microfinance Institutions, NGOs, Rural customers and Ugandan Banking Officials. The team concluded that capturing data electronically in the field was an important first-step in modernizing rural banking. 


After a successful pilot project in Uganda, the RTS was spun-out of Hewlett-Packard as a for-profit company (Sevak Solutions).  



Janine Firpo (Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

Laura Frederik (Founder, Sevak Solutions)

Sandeep Chatterjee (Former CTO, SourceTrace Systems)

Representatives from FINCA, Accion and Grameen Technology Center



2003 onwards


Relevant material

Presentation by consortia to CGAP (World Bank)




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